Debee Prasad Mishra

Head of Business (West)

Previous Experience

22 Years of experience in Business Development in Plastic, Petroleum, and Bioenergy sector



Debee Prasad Mishra is an experienced Business Development professional with over 22 years of experience. Having done his graduation in applied sciences, he also pursued an MBA and a diploma in Computer Applications.

In 1999, he started his career working for the marketing division of SDC Polyurethane. He later worked as part of the product team for SINTEX which pioneered factory-made doors and windows in India. He eventually got an opportunity to lead the State Marketing and Operations Division of Reliance Industries in South Gujarat in 2004.

He forayed into the green energy space in 2009 with Abellon Clean Energy where he helped set up a biomass supply chain in Gujarat and Ghana. In 2016 he ventured into an entrepreneurial journey in the area of agriculture and sustainable development providing his expertise to start-ups in the Gujarat region.


If you could donate a million dollars to any charity, what cause would you choose?

Towards achieving Zero Hunger

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

Love to visit the first day of war at Kurukshetra

What is your absolute dream job?

CEO of an Indian Unicorn