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A Startup that transcends Green Energy and Digital Technology Space

Who We Are

We are pioneering a world of enhanced and digitally-driven bioenergy supply chain in India. Through this cloud-based marketplace, we not only seek to address all the challenges related to the bioenergy supply chain but also make a positive impact on the economy, community, and the environment around us.

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BiofuelCircle Private Limited, based in Pune, India, founded in June 2020, is registered as a start-up with the Start-up-India program. The driving force behind the creation of BiofuelCircle was a strong will and need to build a reliable and cost-effective bioenergy supply chain.

BiofuelCircle is the first and one-of-its-kind online marketplace in India, specially designed for biomass and biofuels. This revolutionary concept creates a reliable and highly advanced digital platform and an organized physical ecosystem for the stakeholders of the bioenergy supply chain in various parts of India. BiofuelCircle is helping businesses grow by creating new opportunities in the Farm-to-Fuel ecosystem, simultaneously enabling a circular economy for agro-waste, generating rural empowerment, and reducing carbon footprint.

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  • Ease of market access and reach for biomass and biofuel businesses

  • Efficient and reliable logistics for biomass, biofuels, and bio-products

  • Ease of financing and digital settlements for platform participants

  • Market-based price discovery for participants

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Creating a dependable supply chain for bioenergy and dynamic market-based participation to enhance scalability for the Bioenergy Industry

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