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Connecting Diverse Participants Of Bioenergy Supply Chain Through A Three-Sided Marketplace

For buyers & sellers to engage in seamless Biofuel transactions, the digital platform provides value-added services acting as transport & settlement service provider to help remove bottlenecks in the supply chain & create efficiency.

Biomass Bank

Be it a FPOs/ SHGs or any rural business interested in adopting biomass entrepreneurship model at rural level will become network partners of Biofuelcircle platform.

It will become a biomass bank – a digital franchise of Biofuelcircle at a village cluster level.

Under biomass bank, FPOs/ RE procures biomass directly from farmers digitally on the platform, gets connected to the market of industrial buyers through Biofuelcircle platform. the platform provides transport & equipment rental services to aid the collection, transport & storage mechanism. All the payments are digital.

Project management team will provide handholding throughout the set-up period.

Equipment Rental

Post-harvest equipment like slashers, shredders, rakers & balers are critical to efficient biomass collection. these are capital intensive & their utility is limited only to the short window in which farmers clear their lands for next sowing season. These can be effectively utilized if rented on Biofuelcircle platform. Farmers,  FPOs/SHGs or rural enterprises under biomass bank can use these equipment rentals throughout the year, across different locations around different crops’ harvesting seasons. Get access to digital and verified transactions, end-to-end tracking & payments all throughout the platform. Get opportunities for medium & long-term contracts. Join the growth journey of biomass sector.


Being a service provider with Biofuelcircle will give access to businesses in the bioenergy supply chain. Their need for transportation will give opportunities for medium & long-term contracts. This online marketplace will create 24/7 business.

Opportunities for you. This expanding network will directly feed into your business growth.


As a preferred finance partner, you get a chance to grow your rural and agri business portfolio. Get access to digital & verified transactions, meet new customers, & create a new business line for your institution. Get a chance to cross-sell other products too. Bioenergy is a sunrise industry with the government focusing on growing this sector manifold. Be a part of this growth by joining the platform.


Warehouses in suitable locations such as industrial zones & similarly in rural supply zones bring certainty in biomass supply chain. Contract with us to rent your spaces to store raw biomass or processed briquettes. these will be fully managed by us. Get the opportunity to grow your business with BiofuelCircle.

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