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Biomass processors play a vital role in the conversion of agri-residue into a condensed, efficient, and usable form of solid biofuels i.e. briquettes. These are widely used as a fossil fuel substitute for steam generation applications in varied large process industries. Briquette makers encounter several challenges in their operations that can hinder productivity and profitability.

Benefits of BiofuelCircle’s platform

Market Expansion

Through our extensive market insights and connections, we help briquette makers reach new buyers and expand their customer base.

Quality Raw Material Supply

Access to a network of trusted raw material suppliers ensures a stable and quality supply chain.

Operational Optimization

Our expert team offers training and guidance to benchmark operational processes, increasing overall efficiency and industry compliance.

Streamlined Logistics

We offer efficient transportation and distribution solutions, ensuring timely delivery of briquettes to buyers – hassle-free.

Financial Support

BiofuelCircle provides trade finance options, supporting working capital needs and cash flow management.

With BiofuelCircle’s solutions, briquette makers can overcome their challenges and focus on producing high-quality briquettes, contributing to a greener and sustainable future.


Farm-to-Fuel ecosystem: Circular economy for Agri-waste

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Explore our offerings & services to experience a seamless biofuels supply chain , providing reliable supplies, quality fuels, & assuring sustainability to meet your business goals efficiently.

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Biomass Processors


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Biomass Processors

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Biomass Processors


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Customer Speak

Harshad Monpara

Sagar Bioenergy
President of Gujarat Biomass Briquettes Association

“It’s a challenge to run the plant successfully while also marketing my products, finding reliable buyers and then setting up long-term relationships.

Since joining the platform, my time and effort to sell and market my product has fallen dramatically. Our consumers have all the information about the briquettes and pellets, their quality and prices, and I don’t need to pitch that to every client. I can just focus on running my plant, knowing that I will be able to sell what I produce.”

Jigar Rana

Jalaram Agro Industries

“Joining BiofuelCircle platform gave my supply business more visibility. I have been receiving bulk orders and timely payments through the platform. Managing my business has become easier with hassle-free transport and continuous support every step of the way. I highly recommend biofuel suppliers use the BiofuelCircle platform to grow their business.”
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