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Striking Energy Balance With Biomass Co-Firing

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Co-firing is a sustainable, low-cost option for efficiently converting biomass to electricity by using biomass as a partial alternate fuel in coal-fired boilers. Policy for co-firing of biomass in thermal power plants mandates minimum 5% co-firing of biomass along with coal in thermal power plants. Biomass pellets have been co-fired so far in 39 thermal power plants across the country. Co-firing feasibility depends largely on location, power plant type, and the availability of biomass fuels. Fuel supply is the most critical factor. Proximity to pellet manufacturers, optimized transportation costs, and dependable supply are paramount. Pellets are not only energy efficient but also could be economically viable.

Benefits of BiofuelCircle’s platform

Wider Choices

Connect with a large number of pellet suppliers

Reliable supplies

BiofuelCircle Verified suppliers form a robust supply network

Informed Decision-Making

This is perhaps the only digital platform for biomass trading and exchange, allowing procurement that is backed by market data and intelligence.


These present an opportunity to buy at competitive prices


Can Bioenergy help Restore the Impact of Fossil Fuel Emissions?

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of Biofuels

Reliability &

True Price

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Vendor Management

Paperless &
Digital Solution

Explore our offerings & services to experience a seamless biofuels supply chain , providing reliable supplies, quality fuels, & assuring sustainability to meet your business goals efficiently.

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Participate in online trading of Biofuels. Buy Raw Material

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Optimizing the fuel costs by deepening market understanding

A leading FMCG conglomerate committed to sustainability brought down its steam generation costs together with BiofuelCircle, without compromising the reliability & quality of biofuels supplies.

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Empowering to make the crucial switch towards green fuels

A Gujarat based textile company transitioned to alterative biofuels, with BiofuelCircle’s assurance of supplies , reliable quality at transparent prices through a seamless end- to-end digital experience.

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seamless experience

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Carbon credit policy to boost india’s biofuels industry

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Grassroots involvement is crucial to sustainable biomass adoption

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Customer Speak

Hardik Bhatia

SCM Fuel & RM Purchase, DCM Shriram Ltd.

This was the first time we have ever used an online platform to buy biofuels for our company's requirements. Our experience of using the BiofuelCircle platform has been really good. There is complete transparency and I see it as a long-term sustainable concept. I greatly appreciate the documentation support and how cooperative the entire team at BiofuelCircle has been."

Rajesh Agarwal

Manufacturing Head at Godrej Industries Limited

"We joined BiofuelCircle last year primarily to reduce the cost of our steam generation. The platform has helped us easily access a varied range of briquette sellers, and get market insights in just a few clicks. I can see that, eventually, this platform will be adopted by almost everyone in the industry, because it adds value to both the sellers and the buyers of biofuel."
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