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Power your boilers with
assured quality briquettes

Making a difference with the promise
of quality & green traceability

Fueled by Nature,
Powered by Trust!

Envira briquettes have been created to resolve the biggest issue faced by most industries i.e. inconsistency that affects the performance of boilers. Manufactured under benchmarked practices & standard operating conditions to assure specified gcv, ash, & moisture percentage.

The Envira Difference

Get Surety Of Quality

Manufactured as per BiofuelCircle's blue standard verification process.

From raw material to briquetting, testing is done at every stage of production & updated on the platform.

Assured specific GCV, Ash & Moisture percentages.

Get Green Traceability

Sourced from biomass banks - Digital franchise of BiofuelCircle

Region of origin, farm & farmer-level information is updated on the platform.

Leading to authenticated green tokens.

ENVIRA bio-briquettes, available in 3 grades
to meet your energy output needs.


GCV  Up to 3400 kcal/kg

Ash ≥ 12%

Moisture ≥ 12%


GCV 3400-3800 kcal/kg

Ash 8-12%

Moisture 8-12%


GCV  ≥ 3800 kcal/kg

Ash < 8%

Moisture < 8%

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