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Explore BiofuelCircle’s comprehensive range of services that open up new avenues of progress for the bioenergy supply chain participants.

Discovery Services

BiofuelCircle connects various stakeholders in the biofuel supply chain. Biomass sellers, biofuel suppliers, and industrial buyers can discover trading opportunities and carry them through completion on BiofuelCircle, with ease.

Ideal for

Boiler Users, Biomass Sellers,
Biomass Processors, Transporters

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Delivery Services

BiofuelCircle's Logistics Services ensure effective order fulfillment for every deal. For a hassle-free delivery experience, we offer:

  • Platform Transport Service

  • Transport Planning

  • Delivery & Product Quality Reports

  • Tracing & Tracking

Ideal for

Boiler Users, Biomass sellers,
Biomass processors

Verification Services

When you become a Verified Seller, your detailed profile helps buyers make an informed decision. Sellers who stand out in terms of quality supplies are likely to attract more business on the BiofuelCircle platform. Independent third-party auditors thoroughly assess over 40 objective parameters using data, documents, and photos and verify those with 8 cross-reference parameters.

Avail of BiofuelCircle’s Verification Services and:

  • Get a Verified Seller’s badge

  • Attract business from large buyers

  • Easy access to Trade finance

  • Timely payments support upon deal completion

Ideal for

Biomass Processors

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Trade Finance

BiofuelCircle facilitates easy access to funds with its Trade Finance feature, which requires minimal documentation and a simple 2-click process.

Based on past transaction records, a user can apply for credit against an invoice to help fulfill an order through the BiofuelCircle platform.

Ideal for

Biomass Sellers, Biomass Processors

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