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A Disruptive and Transformational Digital Platform Connecting Diverse Participants of Bioenergy Supply Chain through a Digital Ecosystem

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FFF- flow chart- small-01.jpg

Three-Sided Marketplace for

Bioenergy Supply Chain

For buyers and sellers to engage in transactions. With the platform acting as transport and settlement service provider. Other value-added services to help remove bottlenecks in the supply chain and create efficiency.

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Create your own bioenergy network


A platform for Bioenergy industry, a marketing channel, that brings together leaders and subject matter experts, both individuals and organisations, who are key stakeholders. Explore

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My BiofuelCircle
Biofuel Market
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An all new way to Trade Bio-commodities

A subscription based platform, where individuals and businesses buy and sell, transact, schedule, deliver, transport, and settle payments. Small and large enterprises, all have a fair chance and access to business opportunities. Efficient responses to offers and requirements posted by sellers and buyers. Explore

BiofuelCircle Market
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Become a service provider

A subscription based platform, for individuals and businesses to register as partners for providing various services. Explore

BiofuelCircle Network
Biofuelcircle network
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