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Enabling Farm-to-Fuel Economy - Growth, Visibility, Reliability, Reach, and Ease of doing business for every participant


Growth, visibility, reliability, reach, and ease of doing business for every

participant on our digital platform


Why burn agro-waste when you can sell it?

Get direct access to Bioenergy companies, like never before. We bring more buyers to the platform. With more demand, you will be earning better prices. We want you to earn hassle-free additional income, not once but for every harvest. This organized ecosystem also creates opportunities for new businesses in processing of biomass, storage solutions, and other interim processes.

Rural business
Rural Businesses.png

Rural Businesses

We are enabling opportunities for new local rural businesses and employment. This includes offering rental equipment, starting quality labs, biomass processing units, and more. The market reach will continue to increase with the expanding network on the digital platform. Doing business on this platform will help in documenting a financial history, raising the credibility of your business.

Biomass Processors

By joining the platform you will soon start preparing for scaling up your business. The increased reach and coverage will bring more business due to more buyers. The logistics and transport services will enable operating efficiently apart from the ease of doing business. The platform has in-built functionality of optimizing scheduling and transporting. This efficiency will help businesses become sustainable. Documenting a financial history on our platform will help in raising the credibility of your business.

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Biomass Processor
Bioenergy company
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Bioenergy Company

This platform will help in reaching more buyers for selling biofuel and getting better prices. Reliable logistics services will help in extending the market boundaries. The platform enables efficiency in lowering the operating costs for procurement and transport. It has in-built functionality of optimizing scheduling and transporting. This helps in efficient use of working capital.



The platform provides access for publishing requirements, getting offers, and selecting the most appropriate vendor. This opens up a whole new market place. Logistics for extending the coverage creates ease of operations. With multiple transporters registered on the platform, you will get competitive pricing. The ability to schedule and transport as per the requirements creates operational efficiency.



Being a service provider with BiofuelCircle will give access to businesses in the Bioenergy supply chain. Their need for transportation will give opportunities for medium and long-term contracts. This online marketplace will create 24/7 business opportunities for you. This expanding network will directly feed into your business growth.


As a preferred finance partner, you get a chance to grow your rural and agri business portfolio. Get access to digital and verified transactions, meet new customers, and create a new business line for your institution. Get a chance to cross-sell other products too. Bioenergy is a sunrise industry with the government focusing on growing this sector manifold. Be a part of this growth by joining the platform.

Finance company
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