Bioenergy for Beginners

Bioenergy for Beginners

May 6, 2021

The backbone of a modern, competitive, and dynamic economy is a secure and reliable energy supply. India’s ample renewable energy resources can help strengthen this sector, enabling India to achieve energy autonomy while opening up new prospects for economic growth. Bioenergy - which uses available biomass resources from our country's farms, forests, and waste streams to produce biofuels, electricity, is playing an increasingly crucial role in reducing our dependence on expensive fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy. As we look forward, the Bioenergy Industry holds opportunities for significant growth – such as driving social and economic development in rural communities, creating new sources of domestic revenue, and upgrading our waste management. Bioenergy has significant potential to serve as a tool for creating rural employment & entrepreneurship opportunities. Bioenergy supply chain: While Bioenergy Industry holds great potential, unfortunately, the bioenergy supply chain in India is quite unorganized. A lot of bioenergy remains unharnessed because of issues such as:
  • Seasonal availability of biomass

  • Inefficient storage and transportation

  • A rise in biomass costs

  • Varying biomass prices

  • Unorganized supply chain

The bioenergy supply chain consists of cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage, and transportation. Although most of the problems discussed above are issues inherently associated with the usage of biomass resources, they can be restricted to a larger extent by strengthening the most important loophole – the bioenergy supply chain. BiofuelCircle is a cloud-based platform that is seeking to streamline and digitize the entire bioenergy supply chain. BiofuelCircle is serving as an important catalyst for the development of the emerging biobased economy, working closely with the complete supply chain stakeholders – from farmers to industry partners to organize the process. Bioenergy supply chain participants can discover suppliers, customers, buy, sell, transport & complete all the transactions online with BiofuelCircle. It has opened up a door to new market opportunities, boosted rural economic development, encouraged small businesses, and created employment across agriculture and manufacturing sectors. BiofuelCircle is focused on expanding our nation’s bioenergy usage in stages and driving sustainable development. Our goals:
  • Ease of market access and reach for biomass and biofuel businesses

  • Efficient and reliable logistics for biomass, biofuels, and bio-products

  • Ease of financing and digital settlements for platform participants

  • Market-based price discovery for participants
BiofuelCircle’s e-marketplace allows buyers and sellers to engage in bilateral transactions with the platform acting as a transport service provider and settlement service provider. It also offers other value-added services to help remove challenges in the supply chain and create efficiency. Through its unique products, BiofuelCircle is connecting diverse participants through a digital ecosystem.

BiofuelCircle has pushed the field of technology with this one-of-a-kind platform designed to enhance the Bioenergy Industry. For example, our collaboration with biofuel-fired boiler installers and biofuel consumers is helping them track their order, auction for briquette/pallet supply, and explore more transportation and storage options, all online. This could drive the next bioenergy revolution and revitalize our nation’s energy sector.

World over and in India, emphasis to some extent has been laid in researching upon the means to improve the efficiencies of such technologies. However, no significant due diligence has been carried out in fortifying the entire supply chain to ensure a continuous biomass supply before BiofuelCircle, India’s first digitalized marketplace was created.

Among renewable energy technologies, bioenergy can play a pivotal role during the next decades, when smartly designed and applied under favorable conditions. With this said, efficient and effective bioenergy supply chain and logistics management is a key parameter. BiofuelCircle is established with the exact purpose and is now aiming to help India achieve its sustainability goals. To know more about BiofuelCircle, its mission, and benefits, click here:

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